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MiniMag2 - Tracks 1, 2 & 3 - Keyboard wedge (PS/2) (Cream)

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MiniMag2 - Tracks 1, 2 & 3 - Keyboard wedge (PS/2) (Cream)



ID TECH Products

ID TECH manufacture a range of products for reading/writing magnetic stripe cards and for reading barcodes. The range includes combined magnetic stripe and barcode readers.

We sell the ID TECH MiniMag2 Magstripe Reader, the ID TECH EzWriter™ Full-Featured Magnetic Stripe Reader-Writer, and the ID TECH Omni Barcode and Magstripe Readers Combination.

Software and Manuals

Software and manuals for ID TECH products are available for download from the ID TECH website.

ID TECH EzWriter™ Full-Featured Magnetic Stripe Reader-Writer

ID TECH EzWriter™ encodes, reads & verifies three tracks of MagStripe data in a single swipe. A high resolution tachometer precisely locates encoding; the encoding quality exceeds ISO 7811 standards for new cards. Data density is selectable to 75 or 210 BPI for any track. High or low coercivity is software selectable. An LED provides operation status.

Full-length guides & a deep card slot ensure accurate card alignment and registration. The low force design of EzWriter ensures a smooth and easy card swipe which provides an operating life for more than 1,000,000 card swipes. The die cast housing gives durability and maximum stability during reading and writing opertions.

ID TECH Omni Barcode and Magstripe Readers (MSR) Combination

The Omni Barcode-Stripe Reader is a heavy duty, durable mag stripe reader with a variety of mounting options, including via velcro. LED changes signify a correct swipe, giving users visual clues that the data collection was successful. Additional options include barcode reading and serial (RS-232), keyboard wedge or USB connections.


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