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RF IDeas

We are a European distributor for RF IDeas Inc's range of proximity desktop card readers for PCs.

RF IDeas pcProx Readers

The RF IDeas pcProx readers are for 125 kHz cards.

These are designed to read the serial numbers of proximity cards and tokens (eg key fobs) used by all the major door reader brands, such as HID (Prox and Indala) and GE Security (Casi Rusco).

The serial number is usually passed to the computer as a keyboard wedge, i.e. the input is treated as if it were entered directly using the keyboard. This allows the card to be used not only for opening doors, but also for e.g. logging into computers, or clocking in/out of a Time and Attendance system.

It is also possible to receive the serial number in silent mode. This option is typically used when you need to do something more complicated with the serial number, such as look a value up from a database, or perform some manipulation that is not supported by the configuration program, which is available for use with the readers. In this case, some additional software is required that makes use of the RF IDeas SDK (Software Development Kit), which you will need to purchase from us. You will either need to develop this software yourself, or we can develop it for you.

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RF IDeas AIR ID Readers

The RF IDeas AIR ID readers are for 13.56 MHz cards.

They include both readers and writers, which can access/change the data stored on HID iClass, MIFARE® and LEGIC cards.

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